Athletic Activities and Procedures


Weight Room

Phase 1: Weight room will be off limits for the first two weeks of conditioning

Phase 2: Weight room will be open to groups of 10 or less.

Phase 3: Groups of 20 or less are permitted in the weight room.

Outdoor training

Phase 1: Maximum of 10 people per field.

Phase 2: Maximum of 20 or less for on field instruction.

Phase 3: Full team activities

Pre-exercise symptom check and questionnaire recorded for all activities

Sterilization, hygiene, and hydration

Personal hygiene

Cloth items must be taken home in bags each day and washed.

All athletes participating in a workout must wear facemask unless in open air areas.

Sanitation and sterilization

At the conclusion of each session all equipment will be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down.

After the completion of all workout sessions all equipment will be sterilized and then placed in appropriate locations.


Athletes are required to bring their own water bottles and water supply. Athletes will not be permitted to touch water coolers or share water bottles. Water bottles will not be provided by the school. Water Fountains and sources will be turned off during school activities to limit the spread of COVID-19.


Fall practice starts: August 24th 2020

Fall sports include: Football, Golf, Cross Country, Volleyball,

Swimming- The official start of Swimming has yet to be determined based on the availability of Morcom Aquatic Center and other public aquatic Centers.

Screenings: Athletes will be screened before arriving on campus. Athletes that take courses online will not be screened again before practice. Off campus athletes will be screened upon arriving on campus.

Screening questions

Equipment and Gear: All equipment and gear will be taken home daily to be washed for sanitary reasons.

Hydration: Athletes will need to bring water bottles with their name on it for practice.

Quarantine: Teams that need to be quarantined will be contacted by administration individually. The contact tracing for individuals will performed by local health officials and FSU.