COVID-19 Return to Activities

FSUS Guidelines for Sport participation, conditioning, practice and event management

Due to the current Pandemic gripping the globe FSUS athletics will be making specific accommodations to service our student athletes as we prepare for the implementation of Phase II and III from Governor DeSantis.

Our rebound off of the restrictions will be a teared response of acclimation to current conditions and health concerns by sport and risk level.

Sport, and activity Risk levels as defined by the World Health Organizations

Risk Factors

During phase 1 (as determined by local health officials) teams are prohibited from doing open activities based on the risk associated with the sport- (Activities that involve more than one athlete impeding the path of another athlete)

Closed sports are activities were a participants movements are not dictated by another individual.

Sports may be closed or open on a sliding scale.


Sport Risk Level
Golf Low
Cross Country Low
Football High
Cheer Moderate-High
Swimming Low
Volleyball Moderate-High
Basketball High
Soccer High
Tennis Low
Baseball Moderate
Softball Moderate
Flag Football High
Sand Volleyball Moderate
Wrestling High
Track and Field Low-Moderate
Equestrian Low


Activity Risk Level
Swimming in Pool Low
Swimming in lake/pond/river Moderate
Running (individual) Low
Running (pack/group) Moderate
Weight training (individual) Moderate
Weight training (group) High
Skill development using equipment (individual) Low
Skill development using equipment (group) moderate